How To Choose Riding Boots Brown Leather Boots

Riding Boots Brown Leather Boots are boots used for horse riding. The classic one comes high enough up the leg so that it can prevent the leathers of the saddle from pinching on the leg of the rider. The boots also have a sturdy toe that protects the rider’s foot when on the ground and the heel prevents the foot from sliding through the stirrup. The sole of the boot is smooth or lightly textured; this avoids being caught on the tread of the stirrup in case of a fall. Some boots have a low heel with the heel being less than one inch, though some have a higher heel.

The Riding Boots Brown Leather Boots come in different styles depending on the different styles of riding, styles that include horse shows and pleasure riding. They have a special feature that makes riding a horse enjoyable and safer. Many regular boots do not serve this purpose and tend to be dangerous in some cases.

When choosing the riding boots the following features are important:

Comfort-A tall boot is necessary to avoid both chapping and pinching against the leather of the saddle. Since this tall boot is made of a solid material such as leather, it protects against the leather of the saddle. If short boots are worn, they can be protected by affixing gaiters.

riding boots brown leather bootsThe Heel-The riding boots need have a heel that is high so that it does not slip in the stirrup. A higher heel is not usually comfortable to walk in; therefore a heel of up to one inch will be ideal. This avoids the possibility of slipping.

The sole-An ideal sole for the riding boots is one without grooves, this allows easy sliding of the foot, in case of a spill, out of the stirrup.

Protective feature-Riding boots have a protective feature as they help increase the density of the toe. This is most of the times appreciated if something falls on your foot.

Style and Shape- Riding Boots Brown Leather Boots need to have a rounded or squared toe as they add more style and comfort as opposed to those with a pointed toe.

Material-Riding boots are leather because these last longer and are easier to shine and therefore maintain their attractiveness for a long time. The inside of the boots should also have a material that does not shred easily like pigskin.

Types-There are different types of long riding boots like the dress boots used by people involved in fox hunting events. Hunt boots, which are similar, to the dress boots, but have a cuff at the top of the boot and can also be used by those on a fox hunt. Field boots have a lace up closure at the front of the ankle and can be used for various jumping disciplines. Paddock boots are short ones that cover the ankle and are less expensive than the longer ones. Cowboy boots are designed for the western style of riding and come in different heel heights.

Finally, Riding Boots Brown Leather Boots may be expensive depending on the materials. Leather that is good quality leads to better construction of the boots and more comfort. A good pair of boots is therefore, a worthwhile investment.

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